Our comprehensive service portfolio is designed for hoteliers. The services are packaged into three bundles: ahop Comfort, ahop Premium and ahop Suite.

The world has seen self-driving cars, grocery stores without cashiers and libraries without clerks. At ahop, we believe that the world is ready for autonomous hotels too.

We provide services that enable any hotelier or property owner to host a totally staffless hotel. In today’s world, our way makes sense.

ahop Comfort

ahop Comfort is our basic service package. The package gives you a lot of value to your daily operations. We provide professional-grade Property Management system, connections to online travel agencies (OTA).

You do not have to pick up the phone in the middle of the night, because we provide 24/7 telephone customer service every day. You do not have to wait for the last customer to arrive to process check-in and distribute keys, because we have done that for you already in advance.

You don’t have to follow-up customer payments from multiple distribution channels, as we collect the money on your behalf, settle the funds to you regularly and provide a comprehensive report of your sales and receivables.

ahop Premium

ahop Premium service package builds on ahop Comfort service package. In addition to the value you get from ahop Comfort package, we package the needed lock investments into our scaling payment plan minimizing the initial investment need. You get additional value that improves hotel cash flow with regard to the investment.

ahop Suite

ahop Suite relieves you from worrying about housekeeping. Autonomous hotel operations are run by ahop and we take care of the guest from reservation through check-in and check-out.

The smart risk management alternative

We at ahop know the ins and outs and challenges of a season oriented business. That´s why we will share the risks with you by offering a pricing that is based on a percentage of your actual sales. No unpleasant surprises, just smooth running no matter the season.



Service nameahop Comfortahop Premiumahop Suite
Property Management System (PMS)
Distribution to OTAs (eg.
24/7 Telephone and email customer service for guests
Guest payment collection, with regular settlements
Integration between PMS and door locks
Automatic allocation of rooms
Automatic distribution of access codes to hotel guests
Internet Booking Engine module for hotel website
Locks for hotel room doors and access controlled doors
Direct sales service
Direct sales customer invoicing service

All service bundles are priced based on hotel revenue. Ahop cost to the hotel scales based on the business, aligning the success factors between ahop and customers.

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